Services Print

Our Services Include:

  • Kitchens Cleaning:

    • Scrub and sanitize sinks & counter tops

    • Place dishes in the dishwasher (if empty)

    • Clean surfaces & appliances

    • Remove trash

    • Sweep all floors

    • Damp mop all flooring

  • High Pressure Power Washing

  • Bathroom Cleaning:

    • Scrub and disinfect toilets, tubs & showers

    • Scrub and disinfect sinks & counters

    • Clean mirrors and polish chrome

  • Window Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Flood Damage Cleanup

  • Clean Room Services

  • Computer Room Cleaning

  • Construction Clean Up

  • Data Center Cleaning

  • General Maintenance

  • Restroom Sanitation

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Recycling Services

  • Hard Surface Floor Care

    • Remove trash

    • Sweep & mop floors

  • Odor Removal

  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Deep Cleaning:

    • Ceiling fans and other light fixtures

    • Inside of all windows within reach

    • Outside of kitchen cabinets



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